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New Tucson-Based Headquarters Brings Sunquest Information Systems to Catalina Foothills

Tom Wilson • published in the October 2016 issue of Trend Report

Sunquest Information Systems was founded in 1979, yet it feels more like an energized start-up company thanks to a cultural shift that began just a couple of years ago. This new entrepreneurial spirit and zeal begins with their visionary, dynamic leadership team focusing on individual employees and empowering and inspiring each of them to make the most of their own talent and potential. In line with this cultural shift, Sunquest is undergoing a literal shift as well, moving its local and global offices to new locations that align with their values and ambitious goals.

Headquartered in Tucson, Sunquest is a global diagnostic informatics company with more than 600 employees worldwide and offices in the U.S., United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and India. The company’s mission is to make healthcare smarter and patients safer and its vision is to impact one billion lives around the world through their diagnostic solutions.

Planning for future growth and establishing a refreshed culture, Sunquest launched a search for a new global headquarters that could help them cultivate an environment of innovation. Historically based in Tucson, the company has strong ties to the community and employs more than 300 employees in the Tucson office. The new location needed to be a place that would allow Sunquest to host community events, make an impact on the local economy and community, allow employees to grow and develop to their maximum capacity, while giving Sunquest the ability to attract the best and brightest talent in its industry.

When the former headquarters of the Muscular Dystrophy Association became available, Sunquest’s leadership saw the opportunity as an investment in their employees and in the Tucson community. Located in the beauty of the Catalina Foothills, the property features extraordinary desert views through ceiling-to-floor windows, an open floor plan and 83,000 square feet of space.

With help from Tucson-based Seaver Franks Architects and Within Studio, Sunquest designed a workspace that will allow employees to find inspiration to innovate through increased collaboration via planned and serendipitous meetings. Teamwork, one of Sunquest’s core values, will be cultivated in part by the physical changes made to the layout to remove physical barriers. With the demolition of several internal walls, the design’s open flow, abundant natural lighting and contemporary workspaces encourage dynamic interaction and teamwork. To further advance the values of teamwork and innovation, employees will be organized by solution, rather than function, in many areas and have designated “team” rooms for collaboration and meetings as opposed to scheduling a conference room, as per traditional models.

Another important value at Sunquest is agility. From the “agile” development method used to develop products, to the flexibility asked of all employees to work across departmental boundaries to achieve their mission, agility is demonstrated throughout the organization. To enhance this core value, the workspaces themselves are very flexible, allowing employees to work at their “home” desk as well as different “touch down” stations and “living room” style seating throughout the building. The investment made in state-of-the-art Wi-Fi technology will allows for this flexibility.

The beauty of the newly designed and renovated headquarters matches the scenic surroundings of the Catalina Foothills. Upon crossing through the stunning vaulted entry, the heart of the new building features the” Lab of the Future,” where clients, employees and members of the community alike can experience Sunquest products in an environment whereby they can better understand the solutions, their scope, impact and capacity. Each experience will be tailored to the type of user or interested party experiencing the solutions. High ceilings, spectacular views and collaborative meeting space beckon creativity, a well-appointed gym encourages wellness and a lovely courtyard and rooftop garden give employees space for fresh air and reflection.

Sunquest will begin moving from their current offices at the Williams Center in November. Employees and Foothills based merchants alike are excitedly anticipating the change. Sunquest announced the new location to employees nearly a full year prior to the move, giving employees time to prepare for the impact on their daily routines, such as their commute, dining choices, retail and service needs, and to become familiar with the Foothills region. In addition, Sunquest has met with numerous business leaders in the local area, generating excitement about the influx of Sunquest employees and the economic impact sure to infuse the area businesses.

Sunquest’s pursuit of innovative workspace spans across the globe. Last year, Sunquest Europe moved from a bucolic location in Northeast of London to Uxbridge, at the hub of multiple transportation options just minutes from Heathrow Airport and connections to the London Underground. Just last month, Sunquest’s wholly owned subsidiary, GeneInsight, relocated its offices to South Boston, Massachusetts. Sunquest is moving their Bangalore, India, office early next year to the center of the thriving IT start-up sector, Koramangala, India.

Sunquest’s innovative, entrepreneurial spirit and core values are driving the company’s impact on its clients and the care of patients around the world. The beautiful, well-appointed building on Sunrise Drive will soon be filled with employees striving to make healthcare smarter and patients safer as the new Sunquest headquarters comes to life in the heart of the Catalina Foothills.

Tom Wilson is Vice President of People Operations for Sunquest Information Systems. In this role, Tom leverages his passion for people and for building businesses that develop innovative products and services designed to spur progress and positive transformation. Working in concert with Sunquest employees across the globe, his efforts are focused on talent acquisition and development to create a world-class culture of teamwork and innovation. He can be reached at Tom.

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