• Florencia DeRoussel

Interior Designer Reality

There is so much Insta-design out there that I often wonder if people really know what it's like to be an Interior Designer. What actually goes into making these huge projects come to life. Not everything is picture perfect, clean, pretty, with perfect lighting. Our reality is messy and stressful and chaotic. I am a perfectionist-ocd-uber anxietist...and I'm Okay with that. I am prepared to take on these crazy messy days because I know that I love my job. I'm also very aware of how lucky I am to love what I do, even if it makes my high functioning anxiety run on overdrive.

So for my first post on our company blog I want to share a few little photos of my reality that most people never see. (Unless you follow me on instagrame @florencia.deroussel). These shots were taken while my sister and I were preparing for a 75,000 square foot project presentation over the holidays. While our friends were enjoying Thanksgiving festivities with their families we were home pulling materials and destroying sample books.

What does one need to get this done?

1. Coffee

2. A knife

3. Stickies

4. Bubbles for hydration

5. Markers

6. A sense of humor

7. Hand lotion

Of course to prepare for this we had to clear off my son's leggos and Paw Patrol gear (hidden neatly in the baskets under the window).

Perhaps I am writing this for the young students out there in the design field wondering what it's really like to be out in the world. Honestly I find that what I do now is very similar to what I did then...only now I have much more to balance: bills, children, family, age, clients, etc. So what I can tell you students is that what you are doing now will indeed prepare you for your future. Sometimes it sucks to work on holidays...weekends..anniversaries.. and for me the reality is that I love what I do so I don't consider this work. It's my lifestyle and I live and breathe it. Make sure that you LOVE your job! Life is too short to be in a job that sucks the joy out of you. Design is a demanding career no matter what the Insta-world tells you.

Be prepared to drink your lunch and staple a few fingers. It's a sacrifice I know that I am willing to make for my company Within Studio that I love so very much.

Until next time friends!


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