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Food Court Wars set to film at the mall

By Bill Hess Created Mar 12 2014 - 6:22pm

SIERRA VISTA — There’s some Hollywood in preparing the Mall at Sierra Vista to be used as a set in an upcoming episode of Food Court Wars.

Wednesday, people from the Tucson-based Within Interior Design Team, Nontexual Matters and Baker Morrissey Contracting were “dressing” two food court areas in the Mall in preparation for tonight’s filming of an episode of Food Court Wars, which will be televised on the Food Network in the near future.

For sister Florencia Turco DeRoussel, the owner of “Within,” and Carla Turco, owner of “Nontexual,” the work is special since it involves a television production and, on top of that, there is some secrecy with the project.

DeRoussel said designing the paint scheme for the two areas required putting together colors and material, such as light fixtures, which will accent the type of food that will be served.

Turco said designing and making the signs and other items also had to go with the two different themes of cooking.

For Ed Butchart, the general superintendent for Baker Morrissey, there is a lot of work to be done by this morning, as employees of the company painted the interior of the two food court sets and hung lamps in one.

While the contestants will not know who wins until late tonight, after the public eats and votes, the public will not know until the show is broadcast sometime in the next few months.

Each person attending the eating event tonight will have 16 $1 tickets with which they can purchase items from the menus. They can decide to try dishes from only one vendor or both.

Production officials said even those who will be at the special public event at the mall beginning at 5 p.m. will have to sign nondisclosure documents and photos of the event cannot be published before the show airs. The same thing was required of those on Fort Huachuca, who had an opportunity Wednesday night to taste the food by the two providers.

Mall manager Ken Cecil, said the Sierra Vista facility is one of 10 Rouse Properties Inc., selected for this season of Food Court Wars.

Beyond that he too is constrained from divulging anything about the production.

After tonight’s event, the “sets” will be torn down and, once the winner is announced on the TV show, the winner will get one year rent-free food court space at the Mall as one of the prizes.

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